People First

Every investment that is pioneering new solutions, starts with a person who wants to make a difference. Without founders there are no ventures. Without encounter there is no investment. As Far As primarily creates possibilities of encounter. This can result in investments.

Curated Circle

The Circle:
Is a personally selected group of entrepreneurs who promote personal growth and the growth of their company with As Far As.

We only invite founders whose companies offer business solutions that make the world more livable ecologically and socially. Founders who want to move great things and wish to have partners at their side for their growth who have already taken substantial risks and succeeded.

Investing Entrepreneurs:
Our focus is on entrepreneurs who have built a successful business or are continuing a family business tradition.

Special Guests:
People from all walks of life, who impress us. From science to art. From politics to sports.

Quality Time

Time is our most precious resource. As Far As therefore only brings together personalities who want to make a difference. People who have something to say. Who are enthusiastic and curious and encounter others with these qualities. The desire to go one step further together. And they have the self-awareness to present themselves openly.

Places of Power

In a world that spins faster and faster, we need time for slowing down and places with an atmosphere where encounters of special quality can arise. Places of strength to re-experience encountering others. Places where we can stop the frenetic energy of the world, pause, and let ourselves experience the present. We call these environments places of power. We have seen it work in the Engadine.

Leadership Topic

The theme is a catalyst for encounters. A theme that invites exchange, in which everyone takes risks and reveals something, is personally involved and showcases their own personalities. The theme comes from a leading thinker who has given workshops based on his own method, research and book. The leading thinker opens our eyes in his own way.

Personal Growth

We have to exchange ideas if we want to go further than where we are. All those who want to make a difference need exchange and feedback to overcome resistance and create relevance. As Far As wants to promote the growth of one’s own personality. Only those who move will also move others.

Economic Growth

We believe in the power and impact of entrepreneurship to improve our world. As Far As is not aimed at non- profit organizations but at profit- oriented companies.


There is no sales mode, no pitches or business presentations. No “I am the greatest”, no “my company conquers the world”. We take a break from our “superhero attitude” and change our views of ourselves with other like-minded people. Our starting point is a topic in which we can use our positions and viewpoints to present our personalities to one another.