“To advance something greater than ourselves, we must learn to partner”
— Simon Sinek, publisher of Partnering

Our Format

As Far As takes place once a year. The group of entrepreneurial individuals is selected by us. It is held over a long weekend that begins on a Thursday evening and ends on a Sunday. The place, St Moritz in Switzerland, is so far away that each of us has to make a journey. We call it a place of power, which bundles energies, pulls us away from our everyday lives. For each As Far As, we invite a leading thinker to guide us through the weekend. Each topic revolves around personal growth and leadership and gives us the platform to showcase our personalities and to come closer. This year we’ll create a ‘safe space’ around the process of transformational change in our own life.

Why the Engadin

We love the image of the ascent and descent, because this is simply part of running an enterprise. We want to get together with people, who are familiar with these cycles and who don’t give up when things are going down before they go up again. We want to open our eyes to new perspec­tives. Where better to do this than on “top of the mountain” in St. Moritz.

The Founders